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MMA Model #008 – Bamby Car Mk1

Microcar Models Australia MMA #008 Bamby Car Mk1 1983. Designed by Alan Evans in 1983 and produced in Hull, UK by Bamby Cars Limited. The name ‘Bamby’ was Anglicised from Alan’s first choice ‘Bambino’ Italian for baby, because the car was small like a baby. The concept originally was to make a microcar for his wife to drive to the shops, make short trips, occasionally carrying a small child, and all the while be out of the weather.

Soon after the moulds for the prototype “one off” were completed by Laylite Limited, that business was declared bankrupt. Fortuitously Alan was able to purchase cheaply from the liquidator all their production materials and laminators equipment. This and the growing public interest in the prototype once completed and promoted by Alan, encouraged the Bamby Car into production and soon after Bamby Cars Limited was founded. The Bamby Car with a small engine was also suitable for 16-year-olds in the UK to drive unsupervised with only a learner permit and was expected to be attractive to younger buyers. Such a small trike vehicle did not require Mira crash testing and it did not need to have a speedometer. All beneficial savings for a budding car manufacturer.

A trike with a single rear wheel powered by a 49 cc Yamaha Passola Moped with handlebar steering. It utilised the oblong Moped light for a single centred headlight. The effective disc brakes were from a go cart. The Bamby Car Mk1 claimed a fuel efficiency of up to 100 mpg (2.35 L / 100 km). Access was via a gull wing door, attached using the rear door hinges from a Reliant van and supported when open by a single gas strut. The front and rear subframes were steel with a fibreglass body and all components were attached to this. The windows were Perspex plastic and the windscreen wiper sourced from the rear window motor and wiper from a Ford Fiesta. The MK 1 price was £1387. Approximately 50 vehicles including the MK1 and MK2 were made from 1983 – 1984.

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