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MMA uses white metal as the preferred media for its ability to be precisely crafted in 1:43 scale. Our static models are completed to the finest finish. We prefer to thoroughly research our cars distilling their culture, history, and dreams into 3 models per year. Our desire is for microcars and bubble cars not previously made or to reimagine those known but longer available.

Collecting microcar models old and new is a great way to appreciate and experience these interesting small cars. Some are prototypes while others made it into production. Real microcars are broadly appreciated but not achievable for all, with many preferring to collect a broad range of scale model Microcars. The classic scale of 1:43 represents the broadest range of microcar models, contemporary and classical, while 1:18 and 1:87 scales are making appearances.

Please share our passion and experiences collecting microcar models as we bring new and always interesting microcar models and share with you to collect microcars from our collection.

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