BSA Ladybird – 1960


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MMA Model #005 – BSA Ladybird

The BSA Ladybird 3-wheeler was prototype 1 of 2 as an original experimental idea by Edward Turner – Managing Director of BSA and produced in 9 weeks by master craftsman Ben Johnston of Carbodies as part of BSA. The rounded body shape was recognised early to resemble a Ladybird if spots were added, and the ‘Ladybird’ designation stuck.

Fully steel hand beaten panels over 10-gauge steel tubing. The car was 2.5 feet wide (762 mm), weighed 422 lb (191.4 kg), with no windscreen wiper, indicators, heater. All round independent suspension, foot brake operating on all 3 wheels, bench seat and handlebar steering. The vehicle had no reverse gear. The small engine was expected to have achieved a top speed of 60 miles per hour.

Based on prototype 2 the Ladybird would have likely sold for £283 in 1962. However, by September 1962 the project was halted as the post WWII microcar and bubble car era was at an end, coinciding with the BSA decision to phase out scooter production.

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