Goggomobil Carryall (Buckle) – 1960 – Yellow – Door Open


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From 1959–1961 Bill Buckle of Sydney famously imported the Goggomobil from Germany into Australia and in 1960 using the base of the successful Goggomobil Dart sedan, produced the Carryall delivery van completely in house from his own unique design. The concept was to produce a utilitarian van that would have a cheap purchase price, was efficient to run and have a good carrying capacity. The resulting Goggomobil Carryall looked like a shrunken version of the renowned VW Kombi Van, complete with its two tone and V at the front, but uniquely this mighty microcar achieved a huge carrying capacity of 2.8 m3.

The Goggomobil Carryall weighed 370 Kg and was 3050 mm long, the length of the Dart. It had a turning circle of less than 7 m ideal for lane way delivery tight spots. The fibreglass body of the successful Goggomobil Dart was moulded in 2 pieces and separated horizontally by a rubber strip. The fibre glass Goggomobil Carryall was built completely by Buckle using the lower section of the Dart as its base and utilised the power of its 400 cc two stroke engine. The driver side door was steel for strength while the economical and weight efficient window was Perspex with a sliding vent adjusted with a leather strap and held in place with pressed studs. The rear window and passenger side windows were also Perspex but fixed into place.

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