Lightburn Zeta Station Sedan – 1963 – Silver


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MMA Model #001 – Lightburn Zeta Station Sedan

The Lightburn Zeta microcar had a steel base and a fibre glass body. It was a 2 door sedan with no rear hatch. Access to the rear for storage was achieved by removing the front seats. The Zeta was powered by a Villiers Engineering 324 cc – 4 speed manual, 2 stroke petrol engine with a top speed of 96.5 Km (60 miles) per hour.

The same engine was used in the Zeta Utility (Ute) 1964 and the Lightburn Zeta Runabout Deluxe 1964.

The Zeta car brand was produced by Lightburn Industries in Camden Park a suburb of Adelaide in South Australia from 1963-1965 with the last cars sold from the factory in 1966. A total of 363 cars were made. The owner’s dream was to provide Australian households with a second car, but was beaten by the success of the British Mini Minor.

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